Mommy Of the Month – Amanda James, Lavender Moon Yoga

We’re starting a new monthly article around here called Mommy Of the Month! Each month I will feature a different creative mom who is balancing her creative pursuits and family responsibilities, and somehow makes it look easy. So, without further ado, here is our very first M.O.M., Amanda James, creator of Lavender Moon Yoga:


Amanda James is a yogi/mommy extraordinaire. Through Lavender Moon Yoga, Amanda teaches pre- and post-natal yoga classes, guides meditations for pregnancy, and throws yoga inspired baby showers for moms-to-be.

What is Lavender Moon Yoga?
LMY is a safe space for moms to come together to share yoga & mama-life with other like-minded souls.

What inspired you to start your business?
I wanted a way to fulfill my purpose and be with my baby, my muse.  When she came, she delivered my “life purpose” right into the palm of my hand.  I knew I wanted to share yoga, but it wasn’t until after her birth that I found clarity around what that looked like.

What’s been the greatest challenge you’ve faced?
Besides my hormones?!  ha!  Accepting how the universe just keeps opening doors for me as I continue to want to serve this population of women.

How is your daughter, Kaya Moon, involved in your business?
She loves singing the songs I make up for class, so she gives me inspiration and confirmation that it’s fun for the little ones.  Of course, she comes to the toddler class to play with her little yogini friends and practice yoga together.  She also challenges me as a teacher, as there have been many classes where she’s wanted to nurse in the middle of a Warrior sequence!  It’s always fun to test the waters in poses holding the little one.

Do you think you’ve found balance between your creative pursuits and your family responsibilities? If so, what’s the trick?
I think I have finally.  It’s taken a while – in the beginning, I wasn’t working quite enough to feel the effects of my flowing creative juices.  Then I went back to work part time, teaching more and KayaMoon was at a home daycare with her friends.  After a month of no days off, we both figured out it wasn’t for us.  The trick?  Speaking my truth.  Telling myself and my job what was working for me and what wasn’t.  And it was all perfect.  I’m telling you, ask the universe for what you want.  If you’re authentic and have genuine intentions, you’ll get everything you ask for, and more!

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