Coffee Can Drums

This week in Monkey Music we made coffee can drums! Super easy and fun for even the littlest of the little ones. Here’s what you need:

Coffee can (we used Don Francisco… LOVE their Hawaiian Hazelnut! I’d also suggest washing it out before using it because 4 year olds don’t yet appreciate the smell of coffee – as my student Aimee pointed out. You can also use infant formula cans. Different sized cans make different toned drums – you can experiment!)

Construction paper (the bigger sheets are best because you want it to wrap all the way around the can)



Markers, stickers, crayons, paint, etc.

Wrap the construction paper around the can once so it covers the whole thing and tape it down. Then cut the extra paper from the bottom of the can. Use all the art supplies to decorate! 2-3 year olds aren’t always so skilled with markers and crayons so having stickers on hand is a perfect option for little fingers.

When it’s done, give your drum a name! You ALWAYS have to name your instrument… I named mine Cienna (not very original, I know… but it was all I could come up with during class. Besides, Andre had already taken Senor Stinkypants, so I couldn’t use that one)

And then… drum circle time! Put on some music with a good beat and drum away!

I made one for Cienna and she loves to bang on it. I’m obviously not a very skilled visual artist, but it’ll do. She doesn’t know the difference anyway…

Enjoy 🙂