It’s Okay, Adele. Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Adele messed up BIG TIME on the Grammys last night.

She was supposed to be the chosen one that would use her voice to lay tribute to George Michael. But instead, she came in completely off key. Now, when I say “off key” I don’t mean Alicia Keys flat where she’s pushing but never quite gets to the note. I mean TOTALLY off key. Like… another key entirely.

She truly struggled for the first minute of the song.

But then, what did she do? She stopped! On live tv! Because she knew it sounded terrible and she was like… holy shit what is happening right now?

The Golden Rule on stage is, “the show must go on.” You’re not supposed to stop and start over because, often times, if you just keep going, the mistakes will smooth themselves out.

Even Professionals Make Mistakes

But what happens when you are an international vocal powerhouse and you absolutely bomb on live television? I’m sure everyone would handle it differently.

Adele? She owned it. She stopped the song, apologized to everyone, and said she wanted to start over. She really wanted to be able to honor George Michael as best she could, and she knew it wasn’t going well at all.

So she sang the song again from the beginning and she found the key this time. Mostly.

Honestly, it takes a LOT of courage to do what she did. Did you see her face at the end? She turned around and apologized to the band. She buried her face in her hands. She looked at the audience and frowned. She owned it.

Perfection is Overrated

I think we spend too much time focusing on perfection. I always make a point to give my students tools for overcoming the fear of making mistakes. Because the truth is, no matter who you are, no matter how much you rehearse, no mater how long you’ve been in the business, mistakes still happen. It’s how you handle it that leaves the most impact on your audience.

I think Adele is beating herself up enough right now, and she doesn’t need to hear from anyone else what a crappy performance that was. Even though by the end she hadn’t completely turned it back around, she owned her mistakes. And my level of respect for her has just bumped up a few notches.

On Another Note… Beyonce

On another note, Adele had an amazing night of winning Grammys, but I think she felt what everyone else watching was feeling: Beyonce should have AT LEAST taken home Album of the Year for her incredible masterpiece, Lemonade.

In my opinion, Adele’s album is great, but it’s nothing to the groundbreaking music and visuals that Beyonce offered up on her album. As much as Adele had a great comeback, Beyonce was robbed. Straight up.

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