Hear Julia's Original Music:

As a songwriter, Julia’s music is acoustic based; but the arrangements go much deeper, pulling inspiration from her jazz and folk roots and natural R&B soul. At 30 years old, she already has 21 years of professional performance experience and her voice has carried her around the world to grace the stages of legendary music venues.

Musical Tales for Modern Minds

Feel the beat of the drum and the flow of melody in original music written and performed by myself and my students. A companion CD is included with each of my musical storybooks, featuring a party jam track, an audiobook of the story, and an easy-to-sing original song.

Haja, The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly

This CD includes a djembe drum jam track, an audiobook of the story, and the instant classic song “Fly Haja Fly,” performed by author Julia Jordan Kamanda and students from J3Music Studios.


Siku's Song

This CD includes a pan flute party jam track, an audiobook of the story, and easy-to-sing “In My Heart (There Is a Song),” written and performed by Julia Jordan Kamanda and her students.

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