Musical Tales for Modern Minds is Now a Live Stage Show!

November 3, 2017 – Musical Tales for Modern Mind debuted a musical storytelling experience live at the Ware Center in Lancaster, PA.

Musical Tales for Modern Minds is a globally-inspired children’s book series that introduces key music concepts to young children. The original music and uplifting stories are inspiring for the whole family.

Now that it is a live show, audiences can sing and play along with their favorite musical characters!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to workshop the music storytelling experience that is Musical Tales for Modern Minds. Along with Imani African Dancers and young vocalists from J3 Music Studios, we presented a family friendly show on the Ware Center stage at Millersville University.

What I found so incredible about this process was figuring out how take a 2-D storybook and make it a 3-D performance with live music. I really wanted to create something that people of all ages would be talking about for days and even weeks after the show. Every detail, down to the mingle music that played in the house before and after the show, was planned.

I enjoyed tapping back into a side of myself that had been dormant for many many years. I had to pick up my “actor’s cap” and become a stage actor once again, just like I had trained to do as a child growing up in NYC at the famed TADA Youth Theater.

Now that we have workshopped this show, complete with young African dancers and vocalists, we are ready to share this with more audiences!

If you are interested in bringing Musical Tales for Modern Minds to your local theater, school, or community center, please contact Julia Kamanda at J3 Music Studios.

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